Project to create an Android application to list different terrains that host events.
The fields are displayed on a map with geographical points and they can be accessed from this map. It is also possible to display the different fields and events, have the details of a field/event and set an alarm for the day of an event.
Project done in collaboration with :
    - Eliott BALTZ,
    - Design of the project model,
    - Management and planning of the different steps,
    - Creation of all the Java code related to the application, whether it is for the component related to statistics or for the management of the database,
    - Creation of a part of the SQL queries (MariaDB) in collaboration with one of my colleagues,
    - Implementation of SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB) commands in the Java application environment,
    - Implementation of a backup system via Redis (Jedis) allowing to save the requests dating less than 1 hour, to avoid overloading the server.
The application is functional as far as statistics and database management are concerned. Queries are correct in both SQL and NoSQL, but are not optimized.
The backup of queries also works on the server with Redis.
Technical environment
    - Java
    - JavaFX
    - MariaDB
    - MongoDB
    - Redis
    - GitHub
    - PuTTY
    - Eclipse
    - Slack
    ​​​​​​​- Trello

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