Project realized during the first semester of the M1 Informatique et Mobilité at the University of Haute-Alsace.
The subject was to realize an application aiming at simulating a V2V (vehicle to vehicle) connection.
This project was divided into 3 distinct parts for the first rendering:
    - The creation of the "hexagonal mesh" allowing to plot the radio coverage of the cars,
    - The map extraction part (from an .osm file) to create a map graph with nodes and roads,
    - The last part concerning the simulation of cars and their progress on the map.
The rest of the project (graphic part, etc...) was managed in group with meetings allowing to advance and to reflect on the blocking points.
Project done in collaboration with :
    - Bryan DALLEST,
I personally took care of the calculations concerning the simulation as well as the part concerning the functioning of the simulation itself via threads.
The final rendering is visible in the video below.
Each car is represented by a point, which has several states:
    - Blue car: currently selected,
    - Red car: within range of the selected car,
    - Green car: any car.
The administration panel on the right of the application allows to manipulate the simulation.
Technical environment
    - C++
    - Qt 5.12
    - Visual Studio 2019

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