Project realized during the second semester of the M1 Informatique et Mobilité at the University of Haute-Alsace.
The subject was to realize a mobile application allowing to encode and decode a QR Code specific to the application (with our own encoding and decoding method).
The project was developed under Cordova, an open source framework allowing to develop cross-platform applications in native JavaScript.
Project done in collaboration with DALLEST Bryan.
I personally did the part concerning the encoding of a QR Code in JavaScript and the whole structure of the application as well as the graphic side. My colleague did the part requiring the camera with the decoding of the QR Code.
You will find an example of the application with the video below.
The report explaining the encoding and decoding used is available in the /doc/ folder of the Git directory (in french).
Technical environment
    - JavaScript
    - Cordova
    - Mobile
    - HTML
    - CSS
    - Visual Studio 2019

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