Who am i ?
My name is Vincent SEYLLER, I am 23 years old and I am a French student.
I have a Master's degree, a Bachelor's degree (L3 Pro) and two Associate degrees (DUT and DEC) in computer science.
I obtained this DEC Quebec degree following an international exchange during my last semester of DUT, which I decided to extend in order to validate this certification.
I did my co-op Bachelor's degree at Ubertone.
I would like to work in the field of development or programming, in mobile, software or web.
What is this website ?
This website is, as you may have noticed, my portfolio. It gathers (and will gather) some of the works I made during my studies (French or Quebecois) as well as during my free time.
I don't publish all my works. Only the ones that I think are worth presenting (the others being too small, not very interesting or incomplete).
Please note that the projects that are more than one year old do not represent my current level, but only allow me to put into perspective my evolution in the field of programming.
This site also contains my updated CV and the possibility to download it.
You will find my LinkedIn link as well as my Github profile accessible from the header of my site.
Besides my Github account I also have two Gitlab accounts:
    - The one concerning my curriculum at the University of Strasbourg, accessible via this link,
    - The one concerning some of my Master's degree projects, accessible via this link (you'll need an account to see my different projects).
Here is my e-mail address, dot not hesitate to contact me : vseyller@laposte.net