Project in order to collect CO2 data simulated by a Raspberry Pi board and generated randomly, and then process them through a JavaFX application as well as an application under Android Studio.
I took care of the XML generation part on the server side in order to process the data, as well as the part concerning the Android application.
There is also a first look at a cloud-based DAO with Google Cloud, as well as some database and server security.
The app also takes into account various alerts: When the CO2 sensor has not sent values for more than 1 hour, or when a value is way too high than expected.
Everything is managed in Java, XML, JavaFX, NodeJS, PHP, SQL.
Project done in collaboration with :
    - Eliott BALTZ,
Does not work anymore due to a server problem on the hosting side of the database that has been deleted.
Technical environment
    - Java
    - JavaFX
    - PHP
    - XML
    - Android Studio

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