Unity3D project done at the Rimouski GameJam in April 2018.
The objective was to make a project in 24 hours with the theme of cooperation.
The game takes into account the mechanics of a character with a companion. We can change the character controlled with a key. They can move independently, but the companion can attach to the character if a character swap is made when the companion is close to the character.
This is a platform game that was supposed to be based on passing obstacles with the character or the companion separately in order to move forward together.
I took care of the different scripts part of the game, with for example the activation of the different traps or the swap between characters.
Project done in collaboration with :
    - Valentin DOUVRY (programming),
    - Kévin CASSISTAT (modeling),
    - Anthonin ROUSSEAU (modeling),
    - Rachel D'AMOURS (modeling),
    - Jessica FAUCHER (modeling).
Technical environment
    - Unity3D
    - C#

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