Big project spread out over a whole semester of my Bachelor's degree in order to create a tool allowing to manage roommates with systems of points of tasks done, votes, administrators, members of the roommate, an internal messaging system...
The coding of this project was divided into 3 distinct parts (with imposed technologies):
    - The API part: Coded in servlets via JPA to allow a deployment via a Payara server on a Virtual Machine previously configured in another course,
    - The web part: Coded in React and allowing users and administrators to perform several features described below,
    - The Mobile part: Coded via AndroidStudio.
I personally took care of the API and web parts.
All the different functionalities of the API are functional.
Here are the features implemented in React:
    - Registration,
    - Login,
    - Profile modification,
    - List of roommates (owned or not),
    - Creation of a roommate,
    - Invitation of a new member,
    - List of members,
    - Current status of points per member,
    - List of services,
    - Propose a new service,
    - History of services done,
    - History of messages,
    - Send new messages.
My colleague not having been invested enough in the project, the mobile part was not integrated into the API. So there is no functional link.
For more details about the different parts, feel free to read the README of the different GitLab directories.
Technical environment
    - Java
    - Servlets
    - JPA
    - React
    - HTML
    - CSS

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