Project created to learn coding in C# and the utilization of Unity3D through the creation of a video game during one of my modules of my Bachelor's degree.
My colleague and I decided to create a game mixing survival and exploration, a bit like the excellent game Outer Wilds.
As we didn't have much time to work on this project, we focused on the essential things for our project: I personally took care of the creation and visualization of the teleportation points to go between planets/rooms, as well as the life points, food and cold management systems (with fires).
I also took care of the procedural generation of the elements on the planets.
The different features were the following:
    - Gravity around planets,
    - Teleportation and visualization of the arrival point,
    - Procedural generation of planets elements ( decorations / items),
    - Management of hunger, heat and life points.
Project done in collaboration with Killian GILLMANN.
Here is one of the renders of the portals coded in C#.
Technical environment
    - C#
    - Unity3D

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