Final project of my Bachelor's degree with the objective to create a game allowing players to participate in a challenge composed of distances to cover with different checkpoints on an imaginary map. Each challenge can have several routes and an unlimited number of checkpoints.
At each checkpoint the user is confronted with a challenge that consists of answering a question correctly. If the user can't answer the question correctly, he can't move forward.
Project done in collaboration with :
    - Jules POULAIN,
The project is divided into 3 main parts:
    - The web part (for the administrator) composed of the editor, creator and manager of different challenges,
    - The mobile part (for the users) composed of a panel allowing to register to different challenges, to see the different previous scores, to activate or deactivate progressions in the challenges, to answer questions...
    - The back-end part with all the database and API side.
I personally took care of the whole web part concerning the challenge edition with React and a Leaflet overlay. All the part concerning the creation and edition of a challenge was hand coded, whether it was for the creation or the display of all the segments as well as the creation/edition of the checkpoints and the finish.
Technical environment
    - React
    - JavaScript
    - Leaflet
    - HTML5
    - CSS

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